North South University Bangladesh : An excellent destiny of higher education

Published Date: Wednesday, March 24, 2021
North South University Bangladesh

North-South University is one of the educational institutes in Dhaka for higher education. It is commonly known as NSU. Its main motto is to educate students desiring higher studies with quality. Its population is over 25000, including graduates and undergraduates. NSU is a private capital university. They are four faculty. This institute’s commercial enterprise college is the first in our country to obtain American recognition from the ACBSP in 2015. In this article, you will get all your questions about North South University. Also, you will have ideas about the history of this institution. 

All about north south university

The university situates in the Bashundhara residential area of Bangladesh. Though, It was primarily station by the founding members in 1992. The foundation of the campus was set on 30 January 2003 by way of Begum Khaleda Zia. Moreover, It is one of the largest non-public educational institutions in Bangladesh. Classes commenced in the everlasting campus on 9 June 2009. 

The main campus has some excellent facilities. The 1.2 million sq. ft. flooring space includes more significant than a hundred classification rooms, lecture theatres, and examination halls. Additionally, NSU has WiFi admission across campus and an automatic library. Indeed, the student cost of this university is as same as other universities.

For an undergraduate student, an approximate cost is around $1800-3000 per anemic year. Again, college students also can utilize economic resources in the structure of educational scholarships, training waivers, study loans, and student employment.

However, the library has almost 1200 m2(70,000 square ft) flooring location. Also, the library has some high facilities. For example, it has library management software which is first in Bangladesh. Also, it supports a system. The circulation system of this university is web-based. So, you will get full-text e-books and online journal article services quite quickly. Therefore, more than 1200 students will able to participate in the reading room of this university. Moreover, in general, 2,000 students use the library each day. The vice-chancellors of this university are Muslehin Ahmed, Hafiz Siddiqi, and Professor Atique Islam.

Facilities and features of North South University

NSU is happy about its graduate employment fee being over 95 within 100. The fame of NSU is unfolding in the globe’s path, and they have managed to excel and obtain pinnacle positions. The legit company set through the excessive reaching alumni approves NSU graduates to impenetrable employment in their liked problem. 

Also, NSU ensures everyone with the proper skills to fit in the industrial market. Indeed, Due to their dominating relationship with work fields, they help the students with jobs too. Over 3000 students graduate from North South University every year. Matheaximum number of graduates from this university gets better jobs both nationally and internationally. Many graduates also get scholarships in international universities. Some students go for higher studies abroad too.

The research facilities of NSU are excellent. Robotics research at North South University is so good that NASA. Hence, it funded them for further developments. NSU uses top-tier accessories for research students. Also, They have projects in public health, public policy, and environmental science, which are highly successful and helpful.

Scholarships of North South University are fruitful too. So, the award good scholarships to deserving students, both graduate, and undergraduate. Scholarships vary up to 40% to 60%. Though it’s a privately funded educational institution, its students get the facilities properly according to their fees.

North-South University has one of the most beautiful and only automated libraries in Bangladesh. It grew up to this from 1992 and is still trending. Most importantly, they have over 50000 books. Journals over 5000 and also various online books.

NSU Campus

Divisions of North South University

All ten departments of NSU are divide into four schools. And, the departments of this university are professional enough. The business faculty of this university consistently ranks within 400 to 500 in the world business school ranking. The departments that business school include are

  • Department of accounting and finance

This department is famous for teaching policies against financing and accounting. Moreover, the research sector of this department is also good.

  • Department of economics

This department deals in the economic sector. 

  • Department of management

Management education discusses in this department.

  • Department of marketing and international business

This department discusses international economics and marketing policies.

Engineering and physical sciences faculty

The faculty of science of North South University has achieved lots of success. Besides, SEPS of NSU has an excellent employment ratio to both graduates and undergraduates, forcing innovation and technology excellence. The departments include.

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering 

  • Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (BSEEE)
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering (BSCSE) 
  • Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering (BSETE) 
  1. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  2. Department of Architecture
  3. Humanities and social science 
  4. FaFacultyf humanities usually study with laws, history, and philosophies. It has four departments.
  5. Department of Law
  6. Department of History & Philosophy
  7. Department of English & Modern Languages
  8. Department of Political Science & Sociology
  9. Health & Life Sciences    
  10. Faculty health and life sciences work with pharmaceutical and biology vssubjectsIt also have four departments.
  11. Department of Environmental Science and Management
  12. Department of Biochemistry & Microbiology
  13. Department of Public Health
  14. Pharmaceutical Science department

School of Humanities & Social Sciences: Four department under this faculty assure quality study.
1) Law
2) History & Philosophy
3) Political Science & Sociology
4) English & Modern Languages

School of Health & Life Sciences: NSU health and life sciences faculty contributes world best quality education for graduation & under graduations students.
1) Public health
2) Environmental science & Management
3) Biochemistry & Microbiology
4) Pharmaceutical sciences

NSU tuition fee & others fee

Every students must pay total amount of tuition fee and semester fee University authorized bank in Cash. Students also deposit bank transfer, bank draft, pay order, debit card, credit card method. But North South university authorized bank personal check not allow.

Bachelor/Under graduation Students fee
-Admission fees: 25k
-all students pay 10k as caution money( refundable)

NSU Per credit tuition fee:

Course Name                                  per credit amount
CSE                                                                  6500
Economics                                                     6500
BBA                                                                 6500
EEE                                                                 6500
LLB (Hon’s)                                                   6500
English                                                           6500
ETE                                                                 6500
Environment Science and Management 6500
BPharm                                                          6500
B Pharm Professional                                 6500
Bachelor of Architecture                            6500
Biochemistry & Biotechnology                 6500
Civil and Environmental Engineering    6500
Microbiology                                                6500

Per semester Others fee
Computer lab 2500
Student activity 3000
Library 1500
Science lab (Architecture & Pharmacy) 2500


North-South University is still and will educate sir the population with top-tier education. They strive to put moral excellence in all students seeking higher studies. The employment rates of their graduates show how successful they are. Students from North South University are still prospering and successful. NSU students stand as an example to the whole world still now. 


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