Learn about Robi ten minute school

Published Date: Wednesday, May 5, 2021
Learn about Robi ten minute school

The largest Bangladeshi online educational platform is Robi ten minute school. Ayman Sadiq a Bangladeshi young Internet entrepreneur was created ten minutes school In 2015. The first teaching app for Bangladeshi students will be showcased, which includes chapter-by-chapter videos, quizzes, smartbooks, and other learning materials from grades 1 to 12 covering the curriculum of the Bangladeshi school system, as well as topics also for. Admission to the university, which covers various branches of study and vocational training.

History of Robi ten minute school

Although one of the biggest challenges for the organization at the time was seeking a suitable sponsor to finance its operational activities, it was later supported by telecom operator Robi Asiata Ltd. and the Department of Telecommunications and Technology. What is the right brand name for School 10 Minutes, or Robi 10 Minutes School is an educational website that uses the Internet to teach students of all levels?

In September 2020 10 minutes schools had created more than 19,440 video courses, 1114 smartbooks, 49,530 model tests, and 1,300 blogs for users.

Ayman Sadiq, Shamir Montazid and Saqib Bin Rashid got death threats for posting LGBT rights, sexual consent, and valentine’s day observation content.

Who is the founder of 10 minute school?

A passionate educator Ayman Sadiq is the founder of 10 Minute School. It is a free online education platform of Bangladesh-based features that has hundreds of vibrant classes and smartbooks, thousands of video tutorials, and thousands of quizzes and other educational resources that anyone can search for to improve their skills. Robi ten minute school authority more than 150,000 students supported by online. The Dhaka University graduate recently won the Queen’s Young Leaders Award 2018 and the Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Best E-Learning Award for her school.

Robi 10 Minute School apps Download

If you are a student of Bangladeshi or another country you can download the Robi 10 Minute School application by google play store or other online platforms. After downloading 10 minutes apps it is easy to you learning from 12000 educations video, government jobs preparation video, university admission model test video, English learning spoken and various video.

What you found Robi 10 Minute School apps

  • More than 12000 educational videos.
  • NCTB book collection video.
  •  Free download crucial video.
  • Microsoft Course, Graphics Design Course, Skill Development, and Professional courses.
  • 10 minutes blog
  • Chapter-wise video and math solutions.
  • Quiz option
  • Performance option etc.

Ten minutes school Youtube Channel

If you are week in English? This is the best free English learning option for you in Bangladesh ten minutes School youtube channel. After getting more new videos on youtube first subscribe youtube channel and click the bell icon so that the next new video notification gest your mobile. And this channel you will also watch a live class.

10-minute school app is east solution to stay at home learning using mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computers.

Corporate office: Software Technology Park, Janata Tower, Karwan Bazar, Dhaka-1208




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